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Exhibition Centre

The Zalesie Manor Complex puts one of the most attractive multi-purpose halls in Lesser Poland at your disposal! We invite trade show and exhibition organizers to present products, services, works of art or technical thought in professional and functional space with a unique atmosphere and style.

You can organize a meeting in a unique atmosphere using the outdoor area and provide your Guests with meals and numerous attractions. We have 7 halls which can be combined or divided at your wish:
Trade show and exhibition rooms are:

Manege Hall

  • very big space of 1150 m2 (ground floor size is 32 m x 20 m= 640 m2 + 500 m2 mezzanine),
  • big stage sized 12 m x 4 m,
  • 120 m2 V.I.P. Hall,
  • the Hall can be entered by many vehicles for presentation purposes and there is the option to put stands in various configurations both in the Manege Hall and accompanying halls;
  • modern multi-media system, screens, wireless microphones, projectors;
  • cloakrooms, wardrobes, sanitary facilities;
  • own food and beverage facilities.

Hunters, Servants, Storage House, Coach House Halls

  • located in an enfilade with a total area of about 800 m2
  • option to combine or divide the halls depending on needs
  • each hall has its own modern multi-media system, screen, wireless microphone and projector
  • cloakroom, own sanitary, food and beverage facilities
  • the halls can be used as dining rooms, coffee break rooms, places for intimate meetings of event participants, rest, etc.
  • example of the layout of stands in all 4 halls (fig.):

We also put at your disposal:

  • over 30 ha of own green area (including 15 ha forest) to organize outdoor attractions and picnics;
  • vast parking lot for several dozens of coaches and 500 cars;
  • accommodation base for max 50 persons.

We offer you our experience and help with logistics for your meeting by:

  • designing the event;
  • arranging rooms, tables and stands for optimal effect according to your suggestions;
  • setting the menu and schedule of meals;
  • organizing and coordinating transport;
  • organizing and coordinating accommodation in selected hotels;
  • providing an artistic program to add variety to your event.

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