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Trade Shows

The Zalesie Manor Complex is an extraordinary place located just 25 km away from the Main Market in Krakow. It offers you a wide range of opportunities to organize unique trade shows, exhibitions and promotional meetings in stylish interiors and on 30 ha outdoor space. Our years long experience in organizing events of different types and qualified team ensure highest quality services.

We offer you complex services including:

  • rental of 7 halls and 30 ha green area to organize trade shows, exhibitions and conferences at a high level
  • catering services according to your wish: meals during the day, evening banquets, cocktails, barbecue
  • service to be provided by professional, reliable and experience staff
  • organization of accompanying events, live music and artistic performances
  • recording the event by a professional photographic and film crew
  • booking of accommodation places
  • organization of transport services.

It is a multi-purpose facility that provides the possibility of combining or dividing the halls depending on your needs. We have:

  • 2000 m2 of total exhibition space inside the building and 30 ha of area around the buildings which can be used for an open air exhibition;
  • many rooms equipped with audio systems, wireless microphones, screens for multimedia presentations, wireless Wi-Fi network;
  • wide entrances to the building that enable cars to go inside;
  • own accommodation facility for 50 persons and free parking lot for several hundreds of cars and several dozens of coaches;
  • full food and beverage facilities;
  • sufficiently big sanitary facilities;
  • full electrical system.

We offer you the option to rent the entire complex, complex including the area or individual halls. The arrangement of the space depends on the number and sizes of stands and expected number of persons participating in the event. If you are interested in details, please contact us by phone or mail.

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