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Themed events

We invite you to take part in an original themed party that break popular conventions of contemporary music clubs and discotheques!

The Zalesie Manor Complex provides you with excellent conditions to explore the history and to return to medieval times of tournaments of knights and duels. The interiors and the surrounding area are a perfect background for reflecting the glamour of noble times as described in “Ogniem i mieczem”. Or perhaps would you prefer to take a trip by a time machine to bit nearer times: elegant 20s or crazy 70s and 80s?
We can also organize parties that take guests to other geographical locations: to a colorful Indian village, American country western setting or Al Capone’s mafia and prohibition times when risky gambling and casinos flourished. For those who love the East, we offer an Arabian night with a party in the style of the One Thousand Nights and a Night, full of oriental sounds and tastes.
Those who prefer a lazy party with attractions for viewers rather than actors, can spend good time watching cabaret, bartenders, stuntmen or magic illusion shows.

We will organize an ingenious party for you depending on your wish. The character of the event and your expectations will also determine the selection of the place. It will be an outdoor or indoor event or an event in a combined version with elements to be held inside and outside.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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