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Are you looking for a perfect place to organize an event: concert, themed party or picnic?
Do you need a large and open space for even 2000 persons with adequate organizational facilities?
Or perhaps you are looking for spacious and elegant interiors to hold a reception for even 1500 persons?

We invite you to come to the Zalesie Manor Complex that has very big restaurant and banquet area with own food and beverage facilities, 30 ha green area and vast parking lot – all this with a beautiful view of the Beskidy and Tatra Mountains, just 25 km away from the centre of Krakow.
We have seven halls, of which the biggest one, Manege Hall, located on the ground floor, has the area of 640 m2, has a 500 m2 mezzanine and a 50 m2 stage. Up to 800 persons can be seated in the Manege Hall in theatre style. The area of all the halls is 2000 m2, which provides the possibility of organizing an elegant sit-down receptionfor up to 1500 persons. Our experience is a guarantee of highest quality service and customer satisfaction.

We will be happy to help you with logistics for your event by:
1. designing the event;
2. arranging the halls and tables for optimal effect according to your suggestions;
3. setting the menu and schedule of meals;
4. organizing and coordinating transport;
5. providing proposals of artistic programs;
6. preparing sports in fresh air.

Please go to the bookmarks with indoor or outdoor events to learn details. It is also possible to combine different conventions, for example an outdoor event during the day with an evening concert or banquet inside.

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