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Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Events

If you are interested in organizing an unconventional outdoor or indoor team building event to integrate your team of employees in the green surroundings, cosy and spacious interiors, we recommend our establishment and help in organizing the attractions. The Zalesie Manor Complex puts at your disposal a 30-hectare area composed of 15 ha meadow and 15 ha forest that open up enormous possibilities for versatile sports activities.

We recommend:

  • archery lessons with the Olympic Champion
  • riding SUVs in the forest
  • quad riding through the forest
  • paintball
  • zip-line
  • zorbing
  • outdoor sports like horseshoe throwing, tug of war, javelin throw, etc.
  • horse-drawn carriage rides,
  • walks along tourist routes, e.g. to Kantor’s Chair,
  • nordic walking in the beautiful surroundings with diverse terrain

The activities can be combined with a barbecue or bonfire. We organize any types of indoor attractions during themed events: ballroom dance learning, Casino game, trip to the medieval castles’ times, Brazilian samba evenings and many other ideas depending on your invention.

Events can be organized at any time of the year and each of our proposals can guarantee you good fun both outdoor and indoor, active relax and respite from everyday life and tiredness after all day long training. We prepare event scenarios including cost estimates after we receive information from you that you are interested in our offer.

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