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Banquet halls

With a view to providing participants with hot meals during a conference or for the needs of organizing an evening gala we offer you several banquet halls, depending on the number of persons or selected conference room.

We have seven halls, which can be combined or divided depending on the needs and number of Guests:

  • Hunters, Servants and Storage House Halls are laid out in an enfilade and can accommodate over 500 persons at a sit-down party. The Coach House Hall serves as a ballroom then.
  • For receptions for up to 200 persons we propose the Servants Hall as a restaurant room combined with the Hunters Hall as a ballroom.
  • For receptions for up to 180 persons we combine the Storage House Hall, as a restaurant room, with the Coach House Room, which becomes a ballroom.
  • The Fireplace Hall can be used for small parties for up to 50 persons.
  • The Manege Hall is a perfect banquet space for sit-down receptions for 650 persons, with a 300 m2 dance floor and 50 m2 stage and the V.I.P. Hall with the area of 120 m2.

The layout of tables depends on the number of Guests and Client’s wish. The most popular are:

  • boardroom style
  • horseshoe style
  • 10-person squares
  • 10-person round tables


Hall Number of seats in the layout
Sit-down banquet – boardroom style Sit-down banquet – squares Standing banquet Sit-down banquet - horseshoe
Layout 1 Servants Hall – restaurant room + Hunters Hall - ballroom 220 persons 140 persons 500 persons 180 persons
 Layout 2 Storage House Hall – restaurant room + Coach House Hall - ballroom 180 persons  130 persons  400 persons 170 persons
 Layout 3 Servants Hall + Storage House Hall as restaurant rooms + Coach House Hall - ballroom 400 persons  270 persons  900 persons 400 persons
 Layout 4 Hunters Hall + Servants Hall + Storage House Hall as restaurant rooms – Coach House Hall - ballroom 500 persons  330 persons  1000 persons 500 persons
 Layout 5 Halls as above + Fireplace Hall as a restaurant room and Coach House Hall as a ballroom 580 persons  410 persons  1000 persons 580 persons
 Layout 6 Manege Hall – restaurant room with a ballroom, stage and mezzanine – round tables possible 650 persons  500 persons  1200 persons 650 persons
 Layout 7 combination of layouts no. 5 and 6 – Coach House Hall as a discotheque, Manege Hall as a ballroom 1 200 persons  900 persons  2 200 persons 1 200 persons


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Sala Czeladna

Sala Spichlerz

Sala Maneż – antresola

Sala Maneż- parter

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