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If you wish to organize a special and extraordinary ball in an elegant and spacious place with unique atmosphere, please come to the Zalesie Manor House.

We ensure comfortable conditions and years-long experience in organizing unforgettable balls for companies and institutions. They often choose us due to our professional service, delicious meals and large and stylish interior space that perfectly meets the requirements for elegant and spectacular receptions!

We have:

  • big restaurant rooms located on one level in an enfilade where over 1000 persons can be comfortably seated;
  • large ballroom;
  • own food and beverage facilities and an excellent team of cooks that prepare our specialty foods;
  • staff with several years long experience in organizing and handling big events;
  • vast 30 ha area and own fenced and lit parking lot for several dozens of coaches;
  • we ensure full freedom and safety within our area.

We offer you complex services to organize the ball, including:

  • menu prepared according to the client’s wish
  • music and photo service
  • transport in both ways

various additional attractions including:

  • firework shows
  • Casino
  • elegant 20s themed party
  • crazy 80s themed party
  • country themed party
  • mountaneers style evening party
  • noble style ball
  • and many other crazy ideas to make each ball special!

For our detailed offer, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

  • Folwark Zalesie, 32-020 Wieliczka, Grajów 150
    tel. +48 12 271 28 93, tel./fax +48 12 271 37 14, biuro@folwarkzalesie.pl   |   Site Map
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