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About us

A completely different world, though located just 25 km away from the Main Market in Krakow and 10 km away from the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, towards Dobczyce. You can reach us by going along a beautiful scenic route via Wielickie Plateau.

The Zalesie Manor Complex is located on a hill with a view of all the Beskidy Mountains, with beautiful Babia Góra, Dobczycki Reservoir and the Tarta Mountains in the background. The buildings are surrounded by forests, fields and meadows – 30 hectares of our area are at your disposal to organize outdoor events, concerts, picnic parties and integration meetings. We also offer you a 4-hectare Zalesie Driving Range, perfect area for learning how to play golf, with help from a professional instructor.

The Zalesie Manor Complex has 200 year long history and is a place where buildings were erected subsequently to form interesting rural architecture. In 2001 the buildings were adapted for a comfortable accommodation base and a farm restaurant where we serve traditional Polish and European dishes. As the farm is remote from the city, it provides perfect conditions for organizing conferences and trainings and for active leisure.

There are five halls on the ground floor which can be combined or divided to form separate facilities with independent restaurant rooms and dance rooms with bathrooms and toilets. The halls combined on one level can house up to 700 persons in a sit down style, with a free dance room. The Convention Centre combined with other halls provides the possibility of organizing an elegant dinner in a sit down style even for 1500 persons. At the entrance to the Manor Complex there is a big hardened parking lot with a maneuver yard where several dozens of coaches and hundreds of cars can conveniently park.

At your disposal is an experienced team of persons who are passionate about their work and open to new challenge.

Please make yourself familiar with our offer and use our services.

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